Episode 4: Light is Right Discussion

Hey hey hey all you people.

 By the way, that’s my running intro now so if you like it, let me know. If you hate it…why don’t you like being called “people”? Would you prefer “persons”? Stop being so wish washy! Make up your mind!

First up!

We recieved a message from listener David Johnston asking us to include an episode breakdown of sorts. We are working on how to make that stuff show up on iTunes. For now you can find that info right here in the blog.

Episode 4 Breakdown
Intro: 0:00-3:35
Interview #1 (Ryan Byrne): 3:35-21:48 (Nerdcast talk @ 15:40)
Cuddle Pro Idust. Commercial: (21:48-23:53)
Interview #2 (Ryan and Zip): 23:54-33:23
Arts News with #theatremari: 33:23-43:11
Game (G,B, U Advice): 43:11-53:34
What are you working on?: 53:34-58:02
Why CC Sucks: 58:02-59:13
Outro: 59:13-1:01:03

There it is! Episode 4! Go download it or listen up on the website. Either way, get it in your ear holes.

This episode was a bit of a tricky beast becuase we had two other guests planned to drop by but unfortunately they both became unavailable. So, we had to pull some other guests in…

Luckily Ryan Byrne stepped up (having expressed interest in promoting his work) and was a fantastic guest. We really liked having Ryan on the show. He’s funny, self-aware, hard working and a great guy to have a conversation with! You can check out his webseries The People THAT Touch Your Food, here…
OR you can check out HIS podcast Robocop vs The Nazis by visiting their website or searching them on iTunes

You can also follow Ryan on Twitter. He tweets some funny, self depricating stuff so follow him to feel better about yourself. https://twitter.com/ryanbyrneman
Don’t forget to follow me (Taylor) on twitter as well. I’m not as self depricating but I do make a lot of back handed remarks about living in Edmonton. https://twitter.com/taylor_chadwick

We also had a surprise visit (we have a had a lot of these lately) from a young boy (girl?) who wandered in through the window. We don’t mind that kind of thing at What It Is Podcast becuase “it is what it is”. Zip was a a great guest and I hope he finds his parents soon. If you see them please comment here or send us an email, we will be sure to find Zip wandering the streets of Edmonton. Zip can sometimes be found supporting Rapid Fire Theatre on Friday and Saturday nights at the Citadel. Check out Rapid Fire Theatre online here

Mari also swung by to bring us back to reality. She is our new “arts news” reporter. We are still working on ways to bring you this info in a cool way. Be sure to let us know if you liked hearing theatremari. You can’t follow her on twitter but please use the hashtag #theatremari.

Again, this episode featured music from Josh Woodward. You can check out his stuff by following this link.

We will be giving away some copies of The People That Touch Your Food Season 1 on dvd via twitter and facebook. So, if you don’t follow us or are not our friend yet…follow THESE links.
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/#!/whatitispodcast
Twitter https://twitter.com/WhatItIsPodcast

Thanks to those who retweet, follow, like, comment and have emailed us! We really appreciate your feedback and it helps us to give you what you need.

Thanks for listening listeners.


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