Episode 5: The Goodest Women Discussion

Hey hey hey all you reading people,

Another episode and therefore another blog post. If you are looking for the Episode Breakdown just scroll to bottom of this post.

I know I have been saying it every week for the last three episodes but this new episode was a blast to record. We had The Good Women Dance Collective represented by Ainsley Hillyard and Kate “Smashko” Stashko live in kitchen Studios talking about their upcoming show Convergence. You can check out The Good Women online by following this link
Also, here is the link to the facebook event for Convergence

The Good Women are some of the hardest working artists in the city. We love them and we hope you will too. Thanks so much to Kate and Ainsley for dropping by Kitchen Studios.
Follow Good Women on twitter https://twitter.com/GoodWomenDance
Follow Ainsley on twitter while you are at it! https://twitter.com/AinsleyHillyard
ate doesn’t have twitter and she still doesn’t understand why they call her “Smashko”. So, if you want to help her out, let us know and we will inform her of why she has such a CRAZY nickname.

We had some minor audio issues with some of our recording levels. This episode may sound a little different than the others but Bri Bri has tackled the issue for next time. Bri Bri also wrote the sketch that you hear this week plus he is IN the sketch. He is one talented man and he proves it this week. The other bonus…ladies, he’s single.
We love ya Bri Bri. I don’t say it enough.

We had local voice coach Wesley Topplecatch sneak in through the window this week. I should REALLY make sure not to leave that window open anymore. Random people keep coming into my house while we are recording. Wesley was a very  boisterous man with some radical ideas about how to find your true voice. I’ll be sure to remember his techniques, though,they might be too technical for me to understand. Plus, he scared me. No really, he legit startled me and I screamed like a girl…not that there’s anything wrong with that. Women are the goodest.

Mari gave us her arts news. If you choose to tag her in a twitter post be sure to use the hashtag #theatremari. We are keeping an eye on it to see what the audience reaction is to her segment “#theatremari does it better”. I’m still not sold on the segment but she says people are digging it so…prove it.

As always this episode featured some music from Josh Woodward, check out his stuff here.

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Thank you for your patience.

Episode Breakdown
Intro: 0:00-3:55
Interview with Good Women: 3:55-21:27 (Get to know Good Women @ 17:43)
Play by Play of Good Women Live in Kitchen Studios: 21:27-30:00
2nd Interview Interrupted by Wesley: 30:00-42:20
What It is Arts New with #theatremari: 42:20-51:24 (#theatremari does it better @ 45:35)
The Artist Checklist: 51:25-1:02:00
What Are You Working On?: 1:02:00-1:06:28
Why Chris Cook Sucks: 1:06:28-1:07:27
Outro: 1:07:27-1:08:44

Thanks so much for reading AND most importantly for listening. Connect with us! We want to hear from you! Do I sound desperate yet?

Look forward to another FINE episode of What It Is Podcast in two weeks!


PS: For those interested…here is a link to the 2 Champs and a Chump podcast page. If you play this card game, let me know!

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