Episode 6: Apologize! Discussion

Merry Ho Ho Ho-Mas,

Taylor here.
I haven’t actually said “Merry Christmas” to anyone yet but it seems easier to type it than say it. When you say it…it then becomes something you will say to everyone and I don’t like saying it until at least December 20th. We all have our bizarre holiday rules and that is one of mine.

As always the episode breakdown is found at the end of this post.

NOTE: Links such as twitter accounts and facebook links have been built into the text. Click on the person or event for more info.

Technically this new episode wasn’t a Christmas episode but it was echoing with a joyous spirit reminiscent of Christmas thanks to our guests the amazing Ellen Chorley. She was with us to talk about one of her many projects The Snow Globe Festival of Children’s Theatre. This is a family theatre festival being held at C103 (formerly Catalyst Theatre). They currently have an Indie GoGo Campaign where you can donate to this independent festival. If you have some extra cash donate it to the festival and support the children because…they. Are. The. Future.

If you want to help out Northern Light Theatre you can find more info on how to volunteer.

We also had 3 visits from 3 different “spirits” that are in no way affiliated with The Christmas Carol. This was an eye opening experience for everyone involved. We all learned a lot about the future, leadership and arming yourself for the apocalypse.

#theatremari was also on hand with the arts news. She expressed some of her concerns on the future as well. This episode was very much about the end of the world. It wasn’t my intention but…that’s what was on everyone’s mind. We will see if we survive past Dec.21 2012. Good luck everyone. Don’t drink the water…

We also had a computer crash on us and the guys at Geeks on Whyte were very helpful in retrieving all of our data. We HIGHLY recommend them. Checkemout! They even give discounts to media/art organizations who are willing to give a shout out to the geeks on whyte!

As always this episode featured some music from Josh Woodward, check out his stuff here.

Episode Breakdown
Intro: 00:00-3:40
Interview with Ellen: 3:40-23:03
What It Is Arts News: 23:03-28:57
#theatremari Does It Better: 28:57-38:31
A Spiritual Visit: 38:31-1:01:23
Chris Cook Sucks 1:01:23-1:02:10
What are you working on?: 1:02:10-1:06:22
Outro: 1:06:22-1:07:35

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That’s about all. Stay strong and hopefully you will hear our Christmas episode on Dec. 21.


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