A Very What It Is Xmas: Discussion

Hey ho ho ho Hey all you Xmas People!

We knew that all of the What It Is crew would be super hectic with the Snow Globe Festival of Children’s Theatre and other Xmas business. We also knew that wrangling a couple of guests at this time of year would have just been a headache with all of the limitations on when we would be able to record.


We have an extra special treat for you lovely listener, a very special Xmas episode featuring nearly every person who has appeared on the show since we started in September. That includes Ellen Chorley, Ainsley Hillyard, Tom Waits, Zip, Ryan Byrne and much more!

You may be thinking…”but I already listened to those other episodes. Why would I want to listen to clips from them again?” Well, take that bad attitude and toss it out the window because this episode features never before heard interviews, stories, games and bloopers. It’s kinda like a clip show with a behind the scenes element to it. Plus, we have Santa.

Due to the nature of this episode we will not be providing an episode breakdown. There are several clips and no “Arts News” this week. We mention some events going on at the end of the show.

This episode also features the return of our most infamous guest….Chris Cook. Listen in for some revealing revelations regarding him and his appearance on the show.

So grab a cup of coco, coffee or whatever you consume on the Xmas break. Sit down by the fire, grab the family and make them listen to our Christmas episode. It will be sure to fill you with Xmas joy and possibly bouts of explosive laughter.

Our “original tweet” contest that was announced on Ep6 is still standing. Tweet about What It Is Podcast by tagging us in your tweet. The winner will receive a copy of The People That Touch Your Food Season 1 on DVD.

If you wish to send us Xmas wishes or are finally ready to let us know if you dig the show, or not, then comment on this post or send us an email. whatitispodcast@gmail.com. Or Tweet us. Or like us on facebook. Or subscribe on iTunes. Or follow Taylor on twitter. Or just….listen to the show.

We wish you all the best this holiday season. Travel safe, celebrate merrily and listen to your favourite podcast…which would be this podcast? Right? RIGHT?!?!?!

Happy Holidays from What It Is Podcast!



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