Episode 7: Take Off Your Pants Discussion

Take off your pants to read this!

Well, you don’t HAVE to but it might make you more comfortable. I know we all were very comfortable in the Living Room Studio on New Years Day….meaning, we took our pants off.

Hear the proof on this weeks episode! I guess, if you are reading this then you probably already listened to it. If not, then what’s your problem? Listen to the episode on this website or download it on iTunes!

The episode breakdown can be found at the bottom of this post.

We strive to bring a good balance of comedy and arts related business and this episode really, in my opinion, balances those things nicely. Success 5000, made up of Joshua Lee Coss and Robyn Slack, were our guests this week and it was almost like a match made in podcast heaven. They were fantastic guys to chat with and to top it all off they are super talented comedians and musicians. They played two songs on this weeks show but expect more from them on What It Is in the next while…we recorded some extra songs to treat you with at a later date. Click on the links to learn more about Success 5000, and also ‘like’ them on facebook.

We had a special guest appearance from local artist Nicholas. I never caught his last name but is you see him roaming the streets of Edmonton (apparently with a lot of our special guests) then please give him a pen, pencil or sharpie marker so he stops…um…using the toilet….er um….products as his medium. Please, for the love of god help this oddly tanned human being. He doesn’t use twitter but apparently his friend Scatman Malone does.

We are always looking for submissions for our game The Good, The Bad and The Ugly Advice. If you ever have a problem or question or query that you just can’t answer then please, let us know! Email us, whatitispodcast@gmail.com. Tweet at us. Facebook us. Or comment here. We want to help you so help us help you by giving us a problem to help you with.

Congratulations to Kyle Yaschuck for winning a copy of The People That Touch Your Food on DVD. Thanks for your tweets and thanks for listening Kyle! #plop.

As always #theatremari was on-hand to relay some arts news and share her thoughts on New Year’s resolutions. I’m not sure if her methods will work but hey…I’m willing to try. I’m really glad I’m not a smoker because then I would be REALLY worried about #theatremari. Mari is not on twitter but please feel free to use her hash-tag #theatremari. You already know that, though.

#theatremari’s segment also featured music from Josh Woodward. Click his name to hear more of his stuff!

There was also the matter of a potential Podcast War between What It Is and the Game of Thrones LCG podcast 2 Champs and a Chump. I kind of started it by calling them out on their FINE episodes but they fired back and attacked my homeland! If you are a gamer or enjoy challenging card games then please check out their show. They are good guys and I really dig their show but currently…we have some things to deal with. Return fire to you 2 Chimps and a Chomp.

If you are looking for a great place to find artistic events in Edmonton then please check out yeglive.ca or Theatre Alberta’s website. These are some of the best resources for upcoming artistic-ness in and around Edmonton. Thanks to both of those websites!

Thanks to everyone for listening, reading and contacting us. We are looking forward to filling your ear holes every 2 weeks for the rest of the year. Stay tuned!

Episode Breakdown
00:00-03:48 Intro
03:48-18:03- Interview with Success 5000
18:03-20:41- Your Song by Success 5000
20:42-31:40- Special Guest Interview
31:40-45:30- What It Is Arts News (#theatremari Does It Better @35:53)
45:30-56:41- The Good, The Bad and The Ugly Advice
56:41-59:48- What Are You Working On?
59:48-1:02:05- Podcast War!
1:02:05-1:03:06- Outro
1:03:06-1:06:59- The Ballad of Fox McLeod by Success 5000
1:06:59-1:07:37- Byebiddybuhbuhbye!


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