Episode 8: Free Men on the Land Discussion

Hey, it’s me Taylor and I am a real person….whatever that means.

That’s just one of the many identity related statements made in Steve Pirot’s (Spirot) play Free Man on the Land. Not to be confused with the title of this episode which is Free MEN on the Land. Get it straight people. Check it out!

Steve joined me for n discussion on the show, the tenants of the free-man philosophy and festival saturation in Edmonton. This is literally a discussion people. We talked for a good 45 minutes and you can listen to it all. Steve is a fascinating individual and I would call him Edmonton theatre’s mad scientist. We loved having him on the show and we plan on having him back.

This episode is a lot different than what you may be used to and that’s fine with me because What It Is is what it is. Let us know what you think of this weeks episode by commenting below this post, writing on our facebook wall, tweeting on twitter or email whatitispodcast@gmail.com.

Mari was away running a fucking marathon in god damn Disneyworld so the Arts News was lacking her. Luckily we did have a special visitor for that segment who did alright. I think I lost the flowers he gave me.

Episode Breakdown
00:00-01:30> Intro
01:30-24:53> Interview with Steve Pt.1-FreeMan on the Land
24:53-37:14> What It Is Arts News
37:14-46:04> Interview with Steve Pt.2-Play FreeMan to Understand FreeMan
46:04-1:08:31> Festival Over-saturation? Talkin’ shop
1:08:31-1:14:13> What are you working on? / Outro

Thanks for reading!


PS. I don’t work hard on this at all. I tricked you.

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