Episode 11: Tristan and Iz-old-AY! Discussion

Hey hey hey you random people who read this.

Welcome to our 2nd week of podcasting goodness. Taylor, your Jesus-looking host, here. It is an honour and a pleasure to be back for our second straight week. This week we featured Jessica Peverett and Nicole Schafenacker two of #yegtheatre’s strongest young females voices. They were not-live in Living Room Studios to discuss their upcoming collaboration Tristan and Isolde, not to be confused with “Tristan and Iz-old-AY!”, as part of the Serca Festival of Irish theatre. The show plays 4 times during the course of their run. Listen to the episode to get the dates or check out their facebook page.

I really enjoyed my discussion with Nicole and Jess. The way they work seems to push both of them to work hard and relax into their creative modes. Not every artist can do collaborative work but these ladies seem to have it figured out. We wish them all the best during their run. Be sure to check out the show!

As always, #theatremari was on hand and she did a really great job bringing arts news to you in this most recent episode. As you know, I was pretty outspoken regarding my…lack of respect…for Mari’s news segment last week but she really came back at it today. I was concerned about her lack of wanting to do her “other” segment, #theatre does it better, but we discovered the truth behind that.

That’s when my special guest came in. Now, in my defense, I thought Dale Motherford was there to serenade #theatremari and make ammends but it turned out he had a whole different story. This is an encounter to hear folks. Will Dale and Mari go riding off into the sunset? The answer is…probably not. His wife Sally will have to be involved. Sorry about that Mari! He seemed like a good dude at first!

Thanks to Josh Woodward for the creative commons tuneage!

As always feel free to contact us on twitter, facebook, or drop us an email (whatitispodcast@gmail.com)! Something else we are hoping you can do is swing by iTunes and give us a rating or comment. It makes us look cool.

Look forward to ANOTHER episode next week. This time it’s a special Listener Lounge episode featuring the uber-talented Lindsey Walker. You won’t want to miss this one, folks!

Episode Breakdown
00:00-2:05> Intro
02:05-02:44> Retweet the Retweet’er
02:44-21:23> Interview with Jessica and Nicole
21:23-29:44> Arts News with #theatremari
29:44-38:36> Mari & the tale of Dale Motherford
38:36-41:40> Dale Motherford’s Question Attack
41:40-53:22> The Good, The Bad and The Ugly Advice
53:22-59:09> What are you working on? + Outro

Thanks for reading! See ya next week….wait…I can’t see you at all.

Hear me! I’ll listen to you listening.


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