Ep12: Listener Lounge with Lindsey Walker Discussion

Hey hey hey all you blog reading people.

Taylor Chadwick here sending you some quick updates from the What It Is team regarding this new episode and other newsy-type things.

This was our third episode in 3 weeks!
Most podcasts I listen to…actually most podcasts that exist…are weekly podcasts so it was nice to prove to ourselves and audience that we can release weekly. We proved it and now we are going back to our bi-weekly schedule for a while.
Some of you might be wondering why we work bi-weekly. Well, it’s makes it easier to ensure each episode is strong rather than forcing out an interview every week. It allows the time and flexibility to book great guests and therefore release great episodes. If the show was just Brian, Chris and I talking every week it would be a different story (podcast) but it depends so much on the happenings and people in Edmonton. All three of us are busy people too so having the podcast bi-weekly makes us feel like we have SOME room to breathe.

To the matter at hand. We have had musicians on the show before but not in super chilled out What It Is Listener Lounge. This week myself and temporarily un-banned show producer, Chris Cook, sat down with the beautiful, talented and inspiring Lindsey Walker. We talked about her passion for performance, inspiration and making music. Plus, we hear her tell us a fascinating story of coincidence and struggle ultimately resulting in a beautiful song that she performs kinda-live* in the Living Room Studios!
*Recorded live for the people who were in the room. Pre recorded for podcast listeners.

If you see Lindsey’s name on a marquee or mentioned in discarded newspaper then do yourself a favor and go to where she is. Her voice is sublime her music is thoughtful and she is one of the funniest women I know. Legit.

Be sure to check out her website and follow Lindsey on twitter to find out when you can see her play sweet tunage.

As you will hear in the episode it was a super chill night. We had some drinks, some laughs and it got serious when it needed to. Brian got involved in the game, I learned what noodling was and Chris Cook managed to feed in some great Lindsey Walker info. Thanks for covering me on that Chris! I have been only able to use my phone for computer related need lately because my PC crapped. I am happy, to say though, that I’m typing this on my brand new Mac. Yus!

Thanks for listening. Be sure to let us know your thoughts and submit questions, qualms and queries for The Good, The Bad and The Ugly Advice! Facebook. Twitter. Email, whatitispodcast@gmail.com

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Lastly, if you listen to the What are you working on? segement you will hear us talk about our feed. We are going to switching up where we send our original files from and how we feed the files to iTunes. This means that we may lose the feed for a bit. Hopefully it’s just a simple fix but things may look messy for a few days. Hopefully after we address these issues it will improve how we get the episodes to you. Thank you for your patience.

Here is yo break down!


Episode Breakdown
00:00-01:50> Intro
01:30-04:29> Meet the co-host Chris Cook
04:29-22:16> Interview with Lindsey Walker Pt.1 Histories and Musicals
22:16-26:19> Lindsey Walker performs Starts With Me
26:19-37:53> Interview with Lindsey Walker Pt.2 The story of Our Glory
37:53-39:47> Lets talk noodling
39:47-58:34> The Good, The Bad and The Ugly Advice: Insipration
58:34-1:04:04> What are you working on?
1:04:04-1:08:15> Lindsey Walker performs Our Glory
1:08:15-1:12:01> Lindsey Walker performs Try


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