Episode 13: A Hive of Minds Discussion

Hey hey hey collective people.

What I mean is that we are all collectively people.

Unless there are some dogs reading this. I know some dogs can talk, but can they read? Maybe that’s a suggestion for The Good, The Bad and The Ugly Advice.By the way. Send us suggestions to us via email whatitispodcast@gmail.com or twitter or facebook….whatever. You know the drill.

We had a people packed episode of What It Is podcast this week. We had Mostly Water Theatre‘s Trent Wilkie who acted as my co host. I have worked with Trent in a couple capacities and I always enjoy it. He is a funny, unique and intelligent individual who specializes in the absurdity of life. It was a blast having him on the show and he will be welcome back anytime.

Trent is pretty cool and he does cool things with his cool fiance like streaming a wedding online. Their wedding. He failed to mention during the show but you can check it out on by following this link. The date is set for March 23rd. So, watch cool people get married while you eat a tub of ice cream in your superman jammies. Trent is also available online on his website thetrentwilkie.com and follow him on the twitters.

Our other guests were actually two folks I didn’t know very well at all. I think I had met Brooke Liefso once or twice. Definitely once because she works FOH at The Roxy theatre. Rounding out the guest people was the lovely Tonya Ray Chrystian who I met for the first time when we recorded. Brooke and Tonya are part Mind Hive Productions whose new show s/kin opens on March 27th at TACO space as part of Punctuate! Theatre‘s performance series. These two ladies were well spoken, charming and best of all good sports when it came to dealing with my games.

I don’t even want to hear it about Hockey Play or Theatre Play! They can’t all be winners, damnit! It sure does have a great theme, though. Nice work Bri Bri.

My failed attempt at humour aside, the conversation I had with Brooke, Tonya and Trent was enlightening and fun. I hope you enjoy(ed) listening to it in your ear holes.

You can learn more about Punctuate!, Mind Hive Productions and their presentation of s/kin by clicking the embedded links you just read.

Mari couldn’t make it to the recording so we were sans #theatremari does it better. I even prepared my arts news but the conversation was so free and fun that I totally forgot about it. We’ll have Mari back for you in two weeks when we have a guest I am very excited to sit down with.

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The last thing I want to leave you with is a call to action. Do you dig this show? Do you want it to keep going? Wish it was happening every week? Well, you can help by sharing, tweeting and talking about the show to your friends. If we work together we can spread the word of our show and invade even more ear holes. We’ll be doing some cool stuff to spread the word in the near future so don’t think we are leaving it up to you. We here at What It Is drive the podcast car but you, my gentle listeners, are the gas.

Thanks for listening!


Episode Breakdown
00:00-01:42> Intro
01:42-06:32>Meet the co-host/Housekeeping
06:32-11:15>Questions with Trent Wilkie
11:15-23:50>Interview with Brooke and Tonya Pt.1
23:50-24:56> Commercial
24:56-40:27> Chat on s/kin and the nature of collectives
40:27-45:53> Hockey Play or Theatre Play?
45:53-48:46> Question for Trent
48:46-1:07:31> The Good, The Bad and The Ugly Advice
1:07:31-1:11:51> What are you working on?/Outro

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