LIVE Episode Blog post 1: Nextfest Round Up

Listen to The Nextfest Round-Up LIVE

Taylor here.

Well, we did it.

We had the plan of doing live shows a long while ago and last night was an amazing experience for myself, Brian and Chris. We had never done anything like this EVER so it was a total experiment. Just like with most experiments we were really hitting all the right marks at some points and making a few errors along the way but that’s what Nextfest was for. The freedom that Nextfest allows enables us to take risks and try things that are completely new and different. So, thanks to them for having us.

Highlights from last night?
-The simple energy of each of my 20+ guests. Everyone was completely different and interesting in their own way.
-Whyte Heat made the show with their tunes. Thanks so much to them for the incidental tuneage.
-The audience that hung out until the end. It was a marathon for myself and the audience. Thanks to those that stayed.
-The first episode of The Cause of All Suffering: The Adventures of Kensington King, Dupe Jalopy and Tabaka. Want to find out what happens next? You’ll have to check out the remaining What It Is podcast LIVE shows.
-Knowing that we had three more shows to go.

The things we know about so you don’t need to tell us.
-A mic cut out unexpectedly during The Cause of All Suffering.
-The show was long. We should have shortened the interviews and had more fun with the air horn. Matt Schuurman‘s interview is quite the highlight in this regard.
-Some of the weird questions I asked threw the guests off. My apologies to those that felt put on the spot. The strongest interviews of the night were the ones that followed a natural patter. Kind of like what we do on the show.

If anything, you should listen to the show if you want to get a crazy feature on Nextfest and all its artists. If there is one thing we nailed last night  it’s that THIS IS NEXTFEST!



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