Battle for the Limelight!

Battle for Limelight - Taylor


Our friends at Northern Light Theatre are challenging every theatre company in town to raise pledges to compete in the FIRST ANNUAL Battle for the Limelight.

Think Amazing Race but with less running, centered in Edmonton and involving the city’s theatre companies. Each team is responsible for raising pledges ($$$$) and then dedicating those pledges to the arts organization of their choice.

The crew from the What It Is podcast will be competing! We may not have a fierce sense of competition (we are mostly pacifists) we are dedicated to raising some pledges for our pals over at Theatre Network.

To pledge directly to Theatre Network and the Theatre Podwork team contact Taylor via email or call 780.453.2440 and let us know how much you want to pledge! Your donations go right back into supporting the further operations of Theatre Network.

We need your pledges by Friday September 5th (This Friday) so give us a call or drop us an email to lend your support!

For more information on Battle for the Limelight CLICK HERE.

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