Ep 63: Bears, Laws & Dogs, Oh My!

Guests: Cat Walsh & James Hamilton, Matthew MacKenzie & Sheldon Elter
With: Chris W. Cook, #theatremari
Special Appearance by Jezebel Gremlin Pig Tank

So many shows, so little time! Two interviews about two fascinating plays running February 5 – 15 at the ATB Arts Barns. It’s not a competition so see Bears and The Laws of Thermodynamics after getting acquainted with their playwrights and actors. Plus, #theatremari plugs your arts news and CTV films a session about the podcast. It’s promotion of promotion. So meta. So, What It Is.


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  4. Kenna McKinnon

    I know of James Hamilton and Cat Walsh, I am honored they live in my building in the Oliver district, Edmonton, Alberta. I wish them all the best, and especially their great dog Daisy, who loves my doggie treats and is almost as friendly and pleasant as her owners, but not nearly so talented!

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