Ep 69: The Suburban Cormack Series

Guests: Julie Ferguson, Sheiny Satanove, Cheyenne Sykes, Alison Yanota, Rebecca Star, Elliot James, Megan Koshka, Stephanie Bahniuk, Neil Keufler, Gianna Vacirca, Geoffery Ewert, Jenn Best, Jake Blakely, Troy O’Donnell, Andréa Jorawsky, Amber Bissonnette, Chris W. Cook, Oscar Derkx, Andrea Murphy, Ashley Carter, Erin Voaklander, Liz Hobbs
With: #theatremari

It’s an interview packed ep as we visit the Punctuate Theatre rehearsal compound to chat up their HUGE creative team re: The Suburban Motel Series by Gerorge F. Walker. Hear stories about their creepy rehearsal space, why actors love George F. Walker and meet their extremely talented team in a packed ep. Plus, #theatremari lays out your bi-weekly Arts News.


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