Ep 122: New Year, More Theatre

Guests: Clinton Carew and Bradley Doré & Harley Morison
With Chris W. Cook
Hosted by Taylor Chadwick
Creative Commons Music from Josh Woodward
Contains some coarse language

The crew is back for an all-new ep in an all-new year! Taylor chats with three guests in two different sessions. Get the deets on Star Killing Machine – a new production from Broken Toys and Peter Fechter: 59 Minutes from Cardiac Theatre. With Clinton Carew we discuss our what makes a musical and how the end is nigh for us all. Then, with Bradley Doré and Harley Morison hear their thoughts on why history has its place in contemporary theatre. Plus, Chris W. Cook lets us know about some of the arts happenings in the city with the Arts News. Artists of Edmonton do not slack off when it comes to January so get this ep in your ear holes and see some theatre!


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