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Episode 14: That’s Valuable Discussion

Welcome back!

Taylor here. I was listening to the 2 Champs and a Chump podcast the other day and one of the co-hosts was talking about how “welcome back” is a poor way of starting a written article or post. I thought I would try it. Is it as bad as he thinks? Maybe. You know what’s worse? The fact that I decided to open with this paragraph.

Episode 14 was a very special episode because we had 2 guests I had wanted to get on the show from the very start of this crazy ride. I was super duper pumped to find out we had both, Mark Meer and Mr. Paul Sutherland swing into the Living Room Studios. It turned into a pretty great conversation right off the bat. If you don’t know Mark, then you aren’t a true Edmontonian as Mark was recently awarded Edmontonian of the Year. He chalks that up to the internet being more interested in video games than municipal politics. I know I was perplexed when faced with the choice of voting for our mayor or the voice of Commander Shepard in the Mass Effect series. I obviously chose the man who saved the Universe.

Mark generally has many projects on the go so I knew we had to get him in whenever he had some down time. I really appreciate him taking the time to chat with us. He’s an all-around good dude. I know Mark would love if I linked to some of his projects so be sure to check out CBC’s The Irrelevant Show available also on iTunes. Don’t forget about Die-Nasty the live Improvised Soap Opera (listen to the episode to find out how to be eligible for some free tickets), Rapid Fire Theatre, Versus Valerie and his television work on Tiny Plastic Men and Caution! May Contain Nuts. I am sure that I am still missing several other credits so maybe just follow him on twitter. Check out his Super Adaptoid costume at the bottom of this post.

Also on the show was a good friend and amazing actor, Paul Sutherland who is performing in Northern Light Theatre‘s upcoming show DUST. Paul is also a member of Red Deer improv/sketch comedy troupe Bull Skit. I had wanted Paul on the show  while back but we couldn’t quite work it out so I am glad he was abale to make a last minute decision to join the conversation. Putting Mark and Paul together on the show ended up being a fairly nice fit because Mark is such an experienced improv artist and Paul (while, in my opinion a very solid improv’er) is relatively new to the world of improv. Their contrast made for a really cool conversation mid-way through the show. Be sure to check out Paul in DUST opening April 5th at the Trans Alta Arts Barns.

#theatremari was also on-hand and really surprised me with her impromptu #thatremari does it better. I have to say, I was very impressed. Mari certainly has grown from not knowing what a podcast is to a full fledged podcast pro. Maybe she deserves her own spin-off? Maybe not, though. She never reads this so don’t tell her I put the idea out there okay? Thanks to Josh Woodward for supplying the background tunes. Check him out by clicking his name.

We will be giving some tickets to Die-Nasty the Live Improvised Soap Opera over the next few weeks. We are going to give them out in a variety of ways but lets gets started with original tweets. If you want to be eligible for some tickets to Die-Nasty be sure to create an original tweet that tags @whatitispodcast.

There is a lot of great stuff in the episode so just go and freaking listen to it. To tempt you we even have a super-special-secret announcement that can only be discovered by listening to the show. If you are a fan, you won’t want to miss it!

Don’t forget that if you want to be a guest or have an event be sure to email is at Tweet at us, Facebook us….all of those things. Until next time!

Episode Breakdown
00:00-2:43> Intro
2:43-18:26> Interview with Mark Meer
18:26-31:42> Interview with Paul Sutherland
31:42-38:21>Arts News with Mari Chartier
38:21-40:50> #theatremari does it better
40:50-57:40> Chat about Improv
57:40-1:08:31> The Good, The Bad and The Ugly Advice
1:08:31-1:17:07> What are you working on?/Outro

Super Adaptoid

Episode 13: A Hive of Minds Discussion

Hey hey hey collective people.

What I mean is that we are all collectively people.

Unless there are some dogs reading this. I know some dogs can talk, but can they read? Maybe that’s a suggestion for The Good, The Bad and The Ugly Advice.By the way. Send us suggestions to us via email or twitter or facebook….whatever. You know the drill.

We had a people packed episode of What It Is podcast this week. We had Mostly Water Theatre‘s Trent Wilkie who acted as my co host. I have worked with Trent in a couple capacities and I always enjoy it. He is a funny, unique and intelligent individual who specializes in the absurdity of life. It was a blast having him on the show and he will be welcome back anytime.

Trent is pretty cool and he does cool things with his cool fiance like streaming a wedding online. Their wedding. He failed to mention during the show but you can check it out on by following this link. The date is set for March 23rd. So, watch cool people get married while you eat a tub of ice cream in your superman jammies. Trent is also available online on his website and follow him on the twitters.

Our other guests were actually two folks I didn’t know very well at all. I think I had met Brooke Liefso once or twice. Definitely once because she works FOH at The Roxy theatre. Rounding out the guest people was the lovely Tonya Ray Chrystian who I met for the first time when we recorded. Brooke and Tonya are part Mind Hive Productions whose new show s/kin opens on March 27th at TACO space as part of Punctuate! Theatre‘s performance series. These two ladies were well spoken, charming and best of all good sports when it came to dealing with my games.

I don’t even want to hear it about Hockey Play or Theatre Play! They can’t all be winners, damnit! It sure does have a great theme, though. Nice work Bri Bri.

My failed attempt at humour aside, the conversation I had with Brooke, Tonya and Trent was enlightening and fun. I hope you enjoy(ed) listening to it in your ear holes.

You can learn more about Punctuate!, Mind Hive Productions and their presentation of s/kin by clicking the embedded links you just read.

Mari couldn’t make it to the recording so we were sans #theatremari does it better. I even prepared my arts news but the conversation was so free and fun that I totally forgot about it. We’ll have Mari back for you in two weeks when we have a guest I am very excited to sit down with.

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The last thing I want to leave you with is a call to action. Do you dig this show? Do you want it to keep going? Wish it was happening every week? Well, you can help by sharing, tweeting and talking about the show to your friends. If we work together we can spread the word of our show and invade even more ear holes. We’ll be doing some cool stuff to spread the word in the near future so don’t think we are leaving it up to you. We here at What It Is drive the podcast car but you, my gentle listeners, are the gas.

Thanks for listening!


Episode Breakdown
00:00-01:42> Intro
01:42-06:32>Meet the co-host/Housekeeping
06:32-11:15>Questions with Trent Wilkie
11:15-23:50>Interview with Brooke and Tonya Pt.1
23:50-24:56> Commercial
24:56-40:27> Chat on s/kin and the nature of collectives
40:27-45:53> Hockey Play or Theatre Play?
45:53-48:46> Question for Trent
48:46-1:07:31> The Good, The Bad and The Ugly Advice
1:07:31-1:11:51> What are you working on?/Outro

Ep12: Listener Lounge with Lindsey Walker Discussion

Hey hey hey all you blog reading people.

Taylor Chadwick here sending you some quick updates from the What It Is team regarding this new episode and other newsy-type things.

This was our third episode in 3 weeks!
Most podcasts I listen to…actually most podcasts that exist…are weekly podcasts so it was nice to prove to ourselves and audience that we can release weekly. We proved it and now we are going back to our bi-weekly schedule for a while.
Some of you might be wondering why we work bi-weekly. Well, it’s makes it easier to ensure each episode is strong rather than forcing out an interview every week. It allows the time and flexibility to book great guests and therefore release great episodes. If the show was just Brian, Chris and I talking every week it would be a different story (podcast) but it depends so much on the happenings and people in Edmonton. All three of us are busy people too so having the podcast bi-weekly makes us feel like we have SOME room to breathe.

To the matter at hand. We have had musicians on the show before but not in super chilled out What It Is Listener Lounge. This week myself and temporarily un-banned show producer, Chris Cook, sat down with the beautiful, talented and inspiring Lindsey Walker. We talked about her passion for performance, inspiration and making music. Plus, we hear her tell us a fascinating story of coincidence and struggle ultimately resulting in a beautiful song that she performs kinda-live* in the Living Room Studios!
*Recorded live for the people who were in the room. Pre recorded for podcast listeners.

If you see Lindsey’s name on a marquee or mentioned in discarded newspaper then do yourself a favor and go to where she is. Her voice is sublime her music is thoughtful and she is one of the funniest women I know. Legit.

Be sure to check out her website and follow Lindsey on twitter to find out when you can see her play sweet tunage.

As you will hear in the episode it was a super chill night. We had some drinks, some laughs and it got serious when it needed to. Brian got involved in the game, I learned what noodling was and Chris Cook managed to feed in some great Lindsey Walker info. Thanks for covering me on that Chris! I have been only able to use my phone for computer related need lately because my PC crapped. I am happy, to say though, that I’m typing this on my brand new Mac. Yus!

Thanks for listening. Be sure to let us know your thoughts and submit questions, qualms and queries for The Good, The Bad and The Ugly Advice! Facebook. Twitter. Email,

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Lastly, if you listen to the What are you working on? segement you will hear us talk about our feed. We are going to switching up where we send our original files from and how we feed the files to iTunes. This means that we may lose the feed for a bit. Hopefully it’s just a simple fix but things may look messy for a few days. Hopefully after we address these issues it will improve how we get the episodes to you. Thank you for your patience.

Here is yo break down!


Episode Breakdown
00:00-01:50> Intro
01:30-04:29> Meet the co-host Chris Cook
04:29-22:16> Interview with Lindsey Walker Pt.1 Histories and Musicals
22:16-26:19> Lindsey Walker performs Starts With Me
26:19-37:53> Interview with Lindsey Walker Pt.2 The story of Our Glory
37:53-39:47> Lets talk noodling
39:47-58:34> The Good, The Bad and The Ugly Advice: Insipration
58:34-1:04:04> What are you working on?
1:04:04-1:08:15> Lindsey Walker performs Our Glory
1:08:15-1:12:01> Lindsey Walker performs Try


Episode 11: Tristan and Iz-old-AY! Discussion

Hey hey hey you random people who read this.

Welcome to our 2nd week of podcasting goodness. Taylor, your Jesus-looking host, here. It is an honour and a pleasure to be back for our second straight week. This week we featured Jessica Peverett and Nicole Schafenacker two of #yegtheatre’s strongest young females voices. They were not-live in Living Room Studios to discuss their upcoming collaboration Tristan and Isolde, not to be confused with “Tristan and Iz-old-AY!”, as part of the Serca Festival of Irish theatre. The show plays 4 times during the course of their run. Listen to the episode to get the dates or check out their facebook page.

I really enjoyed my discussion with Nicole and Jess. The way they work seems to push both of them to work hard and relax into their creative modes. Not every artist can do collaborative work but these ladies seem to have it figured out. We wish them all the best during their run. Be sure to check out the show!

As always, #theatremari was on hand and she did a really great job bringing arts news to you in this most recent episode. As you know, I was pretty outspoken regarding my…lack of respect…for Mari’s news segment last week but she really came back at it today. I was concerned about her lack of wanting to do her “other” segment, #theatre does it better, but we discovered the truth behind that.

That’s when my special guest came in. Now, in my defense, I thought Dale Motherford was there to serenade #theatremari and make ammends but it turned out he had a whole different story. This is an encounter to hear folks. Will Dale and Mari go riding off into the sunset? The answer is…probably not. His wife Sally will have to be involved. Sorry about that Mari! He seemed like a good dude at first!

Thanks to Josh Woodward for the creative commons tuneage!

As always feel free to contact us on twitter, facebook, or drop us an email (! Something else we are hoping you can do is swing by iTunes and give us a rating or comment. It makes us look cool.

Look forward to ANOTHER episode next week. This time it’s a special Listener Lounge episode featuring the uber-talented Lindsey Walker. You won’t want to miss this one, folks!

Episode Breakdown
00:00-2:05> Intro
02:05-02:44> Retweet the Retweet’er
02:44-21:23> Interview with Jessica and Nicole
21:23-29:44> Arts News with #theatremari
29:44-38:36> Mari & the tale of Dale Motherford
38:36-41:40> Dale Motherford’s Question Attack
41:40-53:22> The Good, The Bad and The Ugly Advice
53:22-59:09> What are you working on? + Outro

Thanks for reading! See ya next week….wait…I can’t see you at all.

Hear me! I’ll listen to you listening.


Episode 10: Get Some Irish In Ya! Discussion

Hidey Didey Hi all you peoples!

Taylor here. Aye, twas a fun episode this week talking to the lovely Mrs. Elena Porter. She is a long time friend of mine so it was a pleasure to have her visit The Living Room Studios. She was supposed to be joined by Mr. Cody Porter (no relation) but if you listen to the episode you will find out the dark reasons behind his absence. Elena was in to talk about her role (alongside Cody) in the upcoming show Days of Wine and Roses playing at the Varscona Theatre February 15-23. Elena is a fantastic actress who works in as many different ways that she can to consistently push herself. Theatre people are generally “go getters” but Elena is a “go getter it done with style go getter”, which basically means she is always up for a challenge and will always do her best to conquer that challenge. She is an inspiration to me and hopefully after hearing what she has to say, an inspiration to you too.

Kurt Ballderson also stopped by as a scheduled visit. He contacted me via finding me at my new place of work and set up an appearance on the show. It HAD to be with Elena, though…so that was odd…considering Elena had just sent me a text asking to be on the show. Some weird coincidences were addressed on this weeks episode. Kurt, seems to have taken a turn for the worse and we are all hoping for him….and praying for Mr Cody Porter. May you return to us safely.

We had our regular scheduled visit from #theatremari and I have to say…it got a little dark. Her thoughts on love seem a little skewed towards taking care of yourself and not your loved one. Also, her thoughts on people in relationships getting lazy and fat…I find a tad offensive since I am in a relationship and am….lazy. Dang. She hit me where it hurts.
Mari also did a pretty shitty job of relaying information to you regarding The Good Women‘s upcoming fundraiser What’s Cooking. Thankfully Bri Bri saved us all. Follow the links or listen to Brian to learn more about it.
Mari got a stern talking to after the segment so look for next to week to be more informative. Also, check back next week to see if her date with Dale Motherford went as planned…
Other things mentioned in the news include: The Gray Gallery, Where the Blood Mixes at Theatre Network and Lindsey Walker.

Don’t forget about the special announcement at the end of the show this week. We will have two new episodes in the next two weeks. Look for Jessica Peverett and Nicole Schafenacker on Feb.22 and the aforementioned Lindsey Walker on March 1st! Three straight weeks of What It Is!

As always feel free to contact us on facebook, twitter or email us at if you have questions, comments, queries or concerns. If you have suggestions for a question to discuss on The Good, the Bad and The Ugly Advice then please submit it one of those mentioned ways.

Go see some art, go see some theatre, make sure to laugh with your friends and drink responsibly without putting pressure on your family life!

Episode Breakdown
00:00-02:34> Intro
02:34-18:54> Interview with Elena Porter
18:54-24:40> Arts News Pt.1
24:40-30:57> #theatremari does it better
30:57-34:44> Arts News Pt.2
34:44-41:40> Interview with Kurt Balderson and Elena Porter
41:40-45:59> Days of Wine and Roses fan fiction by Kurt Balderson
45:59-48:26> Where is Cody Porter?
48:26-59:30> The Good, The Bad and The Ugly Advice
59:30-1:05:45> What are you working on? + Outro

All the best,

Episode 9: Aural Gangbang Discussion

DISCLAIMER: We only support aural gangbangs. As in gangbangs of the conversational sort. Gangbangs is an offensive word according to iTunes and therefore this episode is also known as Aural G******g.

Hey everyone! Taylor here. We hope you stayed warm then stayed col then stayed warm again in Edmonton. How about that wacky weather amiright??!?!

As always, we had a blast on our newest episode with the folks at Northern Light Theatre that was recorded not-live in their offices. Trevor Schmidt (Artistic Director), Liz Ludwig (General Manager) and local favourite Ellen Chorley (Artistic Associate) were on hand to discuss NLT’s new show Ride as well and arty-talky stuff related to theatre. We did this because of listeners like David Johnston and Mark Stubbings who let us know that they really enjoyed hearing Steve and I talk arts. We encourage our other listeners to do the same.

This episode really felt like friends hanging out in a room. The conversation went wherever and we constantly went off topic. This is the kind of thing I wanted to achieve with What It Is when we started it. I’m glad to see we are heading in the direction we, and our listeners, enjoy.

Always good to have #theatremari back in the studio. She let us know about some great stuff like The 11 o Clock Number, Ice on Whyte and our general appreciation to Go see live stuff! Be sure to see our facebook page in the next few days for a picture of #theatremari and Cinderella.

We are happy to inform people of your event, be sure to contact us through twitter, facebook, comment here or send us an email at But you already knew that. You can also follow NLT on twitter, if ya like.

I want to give a shout out to my friend Chris Schulz who took a large bit of flack in The Good, The Bad and The Ugly Advice this week. He does not sing Bush in the mirror to himself and he is happily employed. Thanks to Chris for being a good sport. Maybe we should have him on the show some time. He and I are in a fantasy hockey league together. We could talk about that. I’m sure people would love it.

We want to thank Josh Woodward for his tunage that we use from his website.

Lastly, if you enjoy the show and know someone else who might…be sure to tell them about us. We are looking to really get the word out about the show in the near future in new and exciting ways. Word of mouth always helps too. We won’t forget those who were with us from the start.

First new thing! We are available now on SoundCloud!

Thanks for listening and reading and being. Continue life!


Episode Breakdown
00:00-03:00> Intro
03:00-19:45> Interview #1 (Ride at NLT, actors and reading scripts)
19:45-25:55> What It Is Arts News
25:55-39:55> #theatremari Does it Better (Marathons, Disneyworld, Sound of Music)
39:55-54:56> Interview #2 (GMs, ADs, NLTand theatre company over-saturation)
54:56-1:02:27> The Good, The Bad and The Ugly Advice
1:02:27-1:08:34> What are you working on?/Bye
1:08:34-1:09:21> ??????????????

Episode 8: Free Men on the Land Discussion

Hey, it’s me Taylor and I am a real person….whatever that means.

That’s just one of the many identity related statements made in Steve Pirot’s (Spirot) play Free Man on the Land. Not to be confused with the title of this episode which is Free MEN on the Land. Get it straight people. Check it out!

Steve joined me for n discussion on the show, the tenants of the free-man philosophy and festival saturation in Edmonton. This is literally a discussion people. We talked for a good 45 minutes and you can listen to it all. Steve is a fascinating individual and I would call him Edmonton theatre’s mad scientist. We loved having him on the show and we plan on having him back.

This episode is a lot different than what you may be used to and that’s fine with me because What It Is is what it is. Let us know what you think of this weeks episode by commenting below this post, writing on our facebook wall, tweeting on twitter or email

Mari was away running a fucking marathon in god damn Disneyworld so the Arts News was lacking her. Luckily we did have a special visitor for that segment who did alright. I think I lost the flowers he gave me.

Episode Breakdown
00:00-01:30> Intro
01:30-24:53> Interview with Steve Pt.1-FreeMan on the Land
24:53-37:14> What It Is Arts News
37:14-46:04> Interview with Steve Pt.2-Play FreeMan to Understand FreeMan
46:04-1:08:31> Festival Over-saturation? Talkin’ shop
1:08:31-1:14:13> What are you working on? / Outro

Thanks for reading!


PS. I don’t work hard on this at all. I tricked you.