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Episode 15: Dictators of Rock N Roll Discussion

Hey hey hey all you dictating rock n rollers.

Well, I would assume none of you are dictators. Definitely rock n rollers but maybe not the biggest dictators. Or maybe you are dictator. If so, can you hook us up with some sweet dictator cash? We’ll totally push your agenda and add subliminal messaging into our podcast.

This is Taylor, as always, doing most of the work. Our newest episode featured a variety of topics such as dictators, self made movies, long hair, urban surfers, mad geniuses and personal regrets. It was exactly What It Is. We have been trying to climb for a good mix of the art/comedy chat and honestly, I feel we did some of our best work as a team in this episode. We had funny guests with great offers, two nutty personalities and promotion of our upcoming projects. It was a pretty nifty balance and proves yet again that What It Is is exactly what it is. It was spontaneous and honest episode loaded with fun. Did you enjoy it? Sound off in the comments or let us know via twitter, facebook or email us at

OH RIGHT! THE GUESTS! We had three of ’em. First off Miss Amy Shostak, Artistic Director of Rapid Fire Theatre, Top 40 Under 40, part of Make Something Edmonton and awesome lady. I chatted with her after a Theatre Edmonton Meet Up and asked if she was interested in coming on the show to be herself but also to play around if she had any bit, characters or comedy schtick she was working on. She didn’t have any schtick but she did have a list of regrets in a new segment called The Shostak Attack. We hope to have her back some time soon. Chances are you just missed the BONFIRE festival but coming up soon is Improvaganza, which we mentioned on the show. Plus you can catch her and the entire Rapid Fire team on Friday and Saturday night with Theatresports and Chimprov all in downtown Edmonton at the Citadel’s Zeidler Hall.

Then we had two of my all time favourite guests, Josh Lee Coss and Robyn Slack of Success 5000. If you have been listening to the show then you will recognize them from Episode 7: Take Off Your Pants in which Josh and a port-o-john artist take their pants off. Josh and Robyn are both busy men. Josh himself is a bit of stand-up comedian trying to figure things out and Robyn plays in one, if not several, bands. Besides being freakishly tall these gentlemen also find time to make movies. They were on the show to promote and possibly mention their film The Axe Wielding Knights of Rock N Roll Camelot, which has it’s WORLD PREMIERE (holy fuck) at The Garneau Theatre on May 4th at 4:30pm. Go. It’s gonna be crazy and you are going to laugh until you have poop problems….but that’s totally a good thing! Seriously! I’m excited about it. They also played a song called Girl Dead, Police Investigating which is a tribute to the Tragically Hip and the Toronto Maple Leafs. I laughed so fucking hard when I heard this song. Hurray for Canada!

I just want to express how excited I was to record this episode. All three of my guests were amazing and hilarious but none of them compare to #theatremari! I’m sure my guests would agree with that. Mari came with some great news on some upcoming events but she also came with her regular segment #theatremari does it better. It’s one you don’t want to miss. We kind of named the episode after it. You can always visit yeglive or Theatre Alberta’s Playbill to find the stuff where we find it. We do find some other random stuff so just listen to #theatremari’s segment if you want to get only her. Check the episode guide below for exact time.

There were some very odd-ball appearances on this episode too. We had a surfer who I’ll introduce as Chett. If you see him please do us all a favour and throw a half eaten sub at him. For Robyn. We also had a public service warning from a man who is definitely hated around the city of Edmonton, his  name, after this episode will be infamous. I dare not type it.

I also want to give a big shout out to Bri Bri (Brian Bergum), because seriously, we couldn’t do what we do without him. He really pulled this episode together in a great way. Loved the SFX and all the little hits he did. Thanks Bri Bri.

We’d like to give credit for tunes we used to Josh Woodward and Kevin MacLeod . Gotta love the interwebs.

Lastly, thanks to you our listeners for hanging out with us, so far. It’s been a crazy ride so far and we hope to continue it well into the year and beyond! Things are just starting to get good for What It Is fans and we will have plenty of the insight, laughter and silliness to bring you in the future. So, let your friends know via any means necessary  and they can be part of our crazy community. Lastly, if you have the time to review and rate us on iTunes, that always looks good. If you download the show weekly a really easy way of listening is by getting the iPhone or iPod podcast app and searching “What It Is”, click Subscribe and all of our new eps will be there for you! Thanks again for all of your support.

It’s time to break it down! See you in two weeks!

Episode Breakdown
00:00-03:14> Intro
03:14-04:26> My guests!
04:26-18:43> The guests speak!
18:43-25:09> The Arts News with #theatremari
25:09-31:07> #theatremari does it better
31:07-40:01> Chett just shows up
40:01-42:02> A public service announcement (of sorts)
42:02-43:21> Josh?/Meeting on the street
43:21-53:55> The Shostak Attack
53:55-1:03:59> The Good, The Bad and The Ugly Advice
1:03:59-1:04:33> Filler
1:04:33-1:05:18 >The Axe Wielding Knights of Rock N Roll Camelot Trailer
1:05:18-1:09:45> What are you working on?
1:09:45-1:14:00> Girl Dead, Police Investigating by Success 5000

Most detailed Breakdown EVER!