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Ep 127: Docs and Robbers

Guests: Fawnda Mithrush and Trevor Schmidt, Matthew Lindholm & Amanda Neufeld
With Brian Bergum & Ainsley Hillyard
Hosted by Taylor Chadwick
Creative Commons Music from Josh Woodward
Contains Some Coarse Language

The theatre season is winding down and that means that festival season is winding up! We cover the International Documentary & New Media Festival North West Fest with Fawnda Mithrush who made some room in the fest for podcasters like us! Then, we get into personal stories with Trevor Schmidt, Matthew Lindholm and Amanda Neufeld while discussing NLT’s new production Bonnie & Clyde: The Two Person, Six Gun Musical. As always, we give you an update on other cool events to check out in Edmonton. It’s a timely ep and these events will soon be gone so get this ep in your ear holes!

Ep 118: Smoke Bombs!

Guests: Alison Kause, Ainsley Hillyard & Kate Stashko
With: Kurt Ballderson & #theatremari
Hosted by Taylor Chadwick
Creative Commons Music from Josh Woodward
Contains Coarse Language

It’s more good times with The Good Women who drop by Living Room Studios to talk about their upcoming showcase, Convergence. The ladies and Taylor discuss how important it is to rejuvenate your artistic impulses, the status of Good Women, french accents and a special visit from Taylor’s house guest Kurt Ballderson – who has some crime-fighting-dance-tastic fan fiction ready to go. We also hear from #theatremari about some upcoming art-like events in the city of Edmonton. It’s another introspective, interesting and all-out fun episodes. Waste no time dear listener and get this new ep in your ear holes!

Ep 101: Gorillas & Gordons

Guests: Christopher Schulz & Ainsley Hillyard and Brian Dooley, Joe Perry, Patricia Cerra & Ben Stevens
With: #theatremari & Chris W. Cook
Hosted by Taylor Chadwick
Creative Commons Music by Josh Woodward
Contains coarse language

Get your local award-winning arts interview podcast fix in our latest ep as we cover TWO new theatrical production premiering in Edmonton. Take a walk into two dark and challenging worlds with Northern Light Theatre’s WISH – a love story about two  different but alike beings; and Theatre Network’s tale of desperate criminals in GORDON. We chat up the full cast from each production about their shows, the process and other random bits of good conversation. Ainsley swears a lot, Mari dishes the Arts News and Chris W. Cook says some things. It’s another 2 interview ep of the What It Is podcast! Now get it in your award-winning ear holes!