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Ep 83: Forceful Fringe Promo 2015 Pt.8

Guests: Antonia Lassar, Katie Dorian, Daniel Greenways, Mark Kenward, Susan Friedman, Byron Martin, Windy Wynazz, Eric Mortimer & Andrea House, Chris Bange, Ellen Chorley
With Colton Taylor Thomas
Hosted by Taylor Chadwick

Okay, after this one we promise we are done. It’s the final Forceful Fringe Promo of 2015! The guys had a blast meeting so many artists and forcing them to shamelessly promote their show. In this final ep we cover some amazing performances including: Post Traumatic Super Delightful, How Often Do I Dream?, Nantucket, Spilling Family Secrets, Life is a Musical, Here Lies Henry, Uncouth, Valentine’s Train, Breaking Bange and Princess Confidential: Familiar Melody. No more kidding around! Get yourself to #yegfringe and get this ep in your hearing holes.

Ep 52.5: Forceful Fringe Promo 2014 Pt.5

Guests: Murray Utas,  Ali Yusuf, Shawn Bedard, Gerard Harris, Daniel Wishes, Seri Yanai, Artem Yatsunov, Antonia Lassar, John Evans, Kat Evans, Nancy Kenny, Hiroshi Koshiyama
With: Colton Taylor Thomas

Part 2 of 2 of Part 5, does that make sense? Even more Fringe promos recorded LIVE in the Fringed & Confused Wine Tent. We get the scoop on the festival with festival director, Murray Utas and get the low down on shows like Improv City, VDADHD, Devil’s Circus, Pair of Animals Wants to Marry You, Famished: A Victorian Zombie Musical and Godzilla vs. Led Zeppelin.