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The Canoe 2015 Salon Series

What It Is Podcast presents
Workshop West Playwright Theatre’s
Canoe 2015 Salon Series

The Canoe Salons were recorded during Canoe Festival 2015 (January 28-Feb 1) in Edmonton, Alberta. The goal of these discussion was to give performers and audience a chance to talk to each other about pressing issues in the imaginary, and real world, around us.

It was a pleasure to record these sessions for Workshop West Playwrights’ Theatre so that they can be enjoyed at any time. You can download the salons on iTunes by subscribing to What It Is podcast or check out the links below.

Salon # 1: Get Out Of the Theatre
Salon # 2: When Does the Play Start?
Salon #3: Why Can’t I Get In?
BONUS: Canoe Salon #3 Transcript