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Ep 89: Collabs with The Goodest Women

Guests: Ainsley Hillyard, Alida Nyquist-Schultz, Kate Stashko & Alison Kause
With Chris W. Cook
Hosted by Taylor Chadwick
Creative Commons Music from Josh Woodward

They are back in full force! All for four of The Good Women Dance Collective sit down with Taylor & Chris to talk collaboration, artistic reviews and how audience and artist interact. Plus, the gals get sucked into the vortex of The Good, The Bad and The Ugly Advice and Chris W. Cook (don’t forget the W.) gets all up in your ear holes with this week’s Arts News. There’s plenty of fun to be had so use those holes on the side of your head for what they are meant to do… listen┬áthe latest ep of What It Is.