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Ep 133: Let’s Get To It

Guests: Mieko Ouchi, Kristi Hansen & Daryl Cloran
With: Chris W. Cook & #theatremari
Hosted by Taylor Chadwick
Creative Commons Music From Josh Woodward
Contains some coarse language

The boys are back in podcast town! What It Is returns to the Edmonton Theatre scene in fine form with a top notch ep full of top notch guests. Join Taylor as he chats with The Citadel Theatre’s Daryl Cloran and artists Mieko Ouch & Kristi Hansen as they get the bullseye on The Silver Arrow: The Untold Story of Robin Hood. Plus, Taylor works out the rust (there’s a lot of it) in a round of The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly Advice. You’ll also hear from Netflix darling Chris W. Cook and get your Arts News fix from the one and only #theatremari. It’s been too long so get this ep in your ear holes!

Ep 116: The New Kid in Town

Guest: Daryl Cloran
With #theatremari
Hosted by Taylor Chadwick
Creative Commons Music by Josh Woodward

It’s one-on-one with Taylor Chadwick and new Citadel Theatre Artistic Director, Daryl Cloran. Get to know the new AD in town with a conversation discussing Daryl’s history, the way he approaches his work, what brought him to Edmonton, and what theatre fans can look forward to at The Citadel. Plus, #theatremari and Taylor go one-on-one for some Arts News and light riffing. It’s exactly what you’d expect from What It Is – an amazing guest, a fumbling host, and #theatremari!