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Ep 110: Forceful Fringe Promo 2016 Pt.4 – LIVE! From the Beer Tent 1

Guests: Tim Motley, Amika Hunter & David Cantor, Tim Mooney, Esther de Monteflores, Old Willie & Brent Felzine, Nancy Kenny, Jem Rolls, Joel Taras, Giorgia Severini, Jamie Northan, Steve Larkin, Chase Padgett, Liam Coady Tim Motley, Amika Hunter & Ross Vegas
With: Colton Taylor Thomas
Hosted by Taylor Chadwick
Contains coarse language

The Edmonton Fringe Festival is in full-swing and What It Is podcast was right in the middle of it. Taylor and Colton take over the North Beer Tent on the Fringe grounds to chat up AS MANY ARTISTS AS POSSIBLE. We start with part one from the beer tent in the latest of the Forceful Fringe Promos. There is still plenty of time to see shows, so toss this ep in your ear holes and meet the artists of the Edmonton Fringe!

Ep 82: Forceful Fringe Promo 2015 Pt.7

Guests: Megan Dart & Beth Dart, Elena Belyea, Leah Paterson, Mat Busby & Belinda Cornish, Maria Grazia Affinito, Thea Fitz-James, Melissa Schenter, Amica Hunter & David Cantor, Laena Anderson & Robyn Slack
With Colton Taylor Thomas
Hosted by Taylor Chadwick

We’re almost done but not done yet! In today’s Forceful Fringe Promo we meet some amazing artists from Edmonton and around the world. Let the artists help you decide what to see by getting the scoop on: The Late Night Cabaret, OCD, Some Birds Walk for the Hell of It, Miss Katelyn’s Grade 3s Prepare for the Inevitable, Self(ish), The Lover, Eating Pasta Off the Floor, Naked Ladies, NoBelles, Beau & Arrow and Rigby Muldoon: Time Traveller for Hire. If you are a fringe goer it would be silly of you not to toss this ep into your ear hole immediately!