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Ep 127: Docs and Robbers

Guests: Fawnda Mithrush and Trevor Schmidt, Matthew Lindholm & Amanda Neufeld
With Brian Bergum & Ainsley Hillyard
Hosted by Taylor Chadwick
Creative Commons Music from Josh Woodward
Contains Some Coarse Language

The theatre season is winding down and that means that festival season is winding up! We cover the International Documentary & New Media Festival North West Fest with Fawnda Mithrush who made some room in the fest for podcasters like us! Then, we get into personal stories with Trevor Schmidt, Matthew Lindholm and Amanda Neufeld while discussing NLT’s new production Bonnie & Clyde: The Two Person, Six Gun Musical. As always, we give you an update on other cool events to check out in Edmonton. It’s a timely ep and these events will soon be gone so get this ep in your ear holes!

Ep 56: Lizard People

Guests: Darryl Merpaw & Joel Crichton
With: Chris W. Cook & #theatremari

Films and web series are the main topics of discussion in this episode featuring Hybrid Moments writer/director Darryl Merpaw and actor/musician/creator of Lizard at Home, Joel Crichton. #theatremari drops the arts news and a brand new segment where she reveals one of things “Mari Don’t Like”. Chris W. Cook hangs out and Taylor talks about what the world will be like in one million years. This weirdo-free ep gets weird. Also available on iTunes.

Featuring Creative Commons License music from Josh Woodward