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BONUS! Podcasting Your Passion – North West Fest LunchPod

Recorded May 8 2017 @ The Needle Vinyl Tavern
Curated by Fawnda Mithrush of North West Fest 2017
Panelists: Taylor Chadwick, Erika Ensign, Steven Schapansky
Recorded by Castria

Presented as part of the LunchPod Series at North West Fest 2017, Taylor Chadwick of What It Is hosts a panel discussion on Podcasting Your Passion with Erika Ensign of Beginner’s Puck and Steven┬áSchapansky of Hockey Feels. The crew discuss their passion projects podcasts, why Edmontonians love hockey and the arts. Can the two compliment each other? Is our city too sports focused? Do we know the value of the arts? Check out the great discussion as part of North West Fest 2017!

Ep 56: Lizard People

Guests: Darryl Merpaw & Joel Crichton
With: Chris W. Cook & #theatremari

Films and web series are the main topics of discussion in this episode featuring Hybrid Moments writer/director Darryl Merpaw and actor/musician/creator of Lizard at Home, Joel Crichton. #theatremari drops the arts news and a brand new segment where she reveals one of things “Mari Don’t Like”. Chris W. Cook hangs out and Taylor talks about what the world will be like in one million years. This weirdo-free ep gets weird. Also available on iTunes.

Featuring Creative Commons License music from Josh Woodward

Ep 44: Hear Us in Your Headphones

Guests: Jon Lachlan Stewart & Laura Metcalfe
With: #theatremari & Hampton X Trustworthington

Jon Lachlan Stewart & Laura Metcalfe of Surreal SoReal Theatre’s new production The Genius Code drop by the Living Room Studios for a discussion on headphones, audience empowerment and messed up relationships. Plus, the arts news guru #theatremari is back after her long hiatus and an all new weirdo drops by to get the guests into his tincture recipe. It’s just another day on the What It Is podcast.