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Ep 130: Forceful Fringe Promo 2017 Pt 1

Guests: Allie Pedden & Brooklyn Rowe, Holly Von Sinn, Arabella Alure, Nona & Squee (Neelam Chattoo & Amy Chow), Adam Bailey, Robyn Slack & Joshua Lee Coss, Joel Taras & Owen Bishop, Liam Creswick & James Ross, Madge (Dave Rae), Nathan Eveneshen, Paul Blinov & Marguerite Lawler, Caitlyn Goruck, Sue Goberdahn & Michael Vetsch & Chris Weymouth, Brayden Scobie & Tessa Simpson
Hosted by Taylor Chadwick
With Colton Taylor Thomas
Sound Engineer: Brian Bergum

The Edmonton International Fringe Theatre Festival is back and we were back in the Fringe Beer Tent talking to the artists of the festival. Meet artists from Edmonton, Canada and beyond in part one of three of our Forceful Fringe Promos. What It Is provides the artists with the chance to discuss their work in a casual manor before making them share their elevator pitch with Colton Taylor Thomas for the coveted CTT Stamp of Approval (trademark). Don’t waste any time – you’ve only got a few more days and 220 different plays to check out. Get this ep in your ear holes and get to the Edmonton Fringe!

Ep 121: XMas Special 2016 – The Great Dumpster Fire

Guests: Rebecca Merkley, Robyn Slack & Joshua Lee Coss
With: #theatremari, Colton Taylor Thomas & Brian Bergum
Hosted by Taylor Chadwick
Creative Commons Music by Josh Woodward
Contains Coarse Language

What It Is celebrates the holiday season with anĀ annual tradition of trying not to promote the arts for once. Taylor, Brian, Mari and CTT welcome the hilarious Rebecca Merkley and the delightful sounds of Success 5000 for a discussion about projects, dog grooming and the year of the dumpster fire – 2016. Taylor attempts to get into the holiday spirit but generally avoids the topic as Mari aims to get him into the spirit of the season. The gang plays an intense game of Artist’s Checklist, CTT tries to look on the bright side, Success 5000 shares two songs and leads everyone in a rousing rendition of a holiday classic. Grab a festive beverage, hide from your family and toss the ep into your holiday ear holes!

Ep 84: Season 4 Premiere

Guests: Dan Clarke & Success 5000 (Joshua Lee Coss & Robyn Slack)
With: Chris W. Cook
Hosted by Taylor Chadwick

It’s the first episode of our newly announced fourth season! Get the long winded lowdown on why the guys from WII decided to call this ep their Season Premiere and meet their new pal comedian Dan Clarke. Plus, best friends of the show Success 5000 drop by to share some music and join in the conversation. Things get silly with the reboot of an old game (that actually works!), Dan talks about his first stand up show in a basementĀ and Success 5000 will eat EVERYTHING! Plus, Cook delivers the Arts News with gusto. Don’t waste time – get this ep inserted in those ear holes.