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BONUS! nxtfstPodcast – Welcome to Nextfest!

Guests: Ellen Chorley & Maggie Baird
Hosted by Taylor Chadwick
What It Is Podcast Theme performed by White Lightning
Contains Some Coarse Language

It’s a bonus ep from What It Is – during Nextfest 2017 visit nextfest.ca or follow along via the What It Is feed to stay up to date on everything Nextfest! In the first of our mini-sodes get the low-down on the huge festival and all of the amazing programming from the high-energy emerging artists of Edmonton, Alberta and Canada. In our first nxtfstPodcast ep we get the deets on the festival from newly appointed Festival Director Ellen Chorley and Festival Manager Maggie Baird. Get this ep in your ear holes and get down to Old Strathcona!