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BONUS: The Future of Arts Coverage Salon – Chinook Series 2017

The Future of Arts Coverage
A Salon Discussion
As presented at Chinook Series 2017

Moderator: Taylor Chadwick
Panelists: Liz Nicholls, Ken Davis, Jenna Marynowski & Murray Utas

With the loss of arts-coverage in many major news outlets and the decline in print media – how do arts organizations get into the news cycle? Is the online world a new haven for arts promotion or a cluttered mess of opinions and white noise? Join What It Is podcast host Taylor Chadwick as he leads a panel of arts-promoters, fans and creators to see if they can get to the bottom of how audiences and artists connect with each other through media.

Ep 124: Our Communities

Guests: Matthew MacKenzie & Brandon Coffey and Murray Utas, Nasra Adem & Kristi Hansen
Hosted by Taylor Chadwick
With Chris W. Cook
Creative Commons Music from Josh Woodward
Contains Coarse Language

It’s a busy month of February for the arts scene of Edmonton and What It Is podcast as the crew tackles a world premiere play from Matthew MacKenzie and the insanely all-encomapsing franken-festival Chinook Series. We hear from Matthew MacKenzie and Brandon Coffey about Theatre Network’s production of Matt’s play Bust. Then we rip across the street to chat up Murray Utas, Nasra Adem and Kristi Hansen about Chinook Series which features Black Arts Matter, Expanse Movement Arts and a whole lot more. We TRY to touch on all the juicy details in both projects but a podcast is only so long – you’ll have to get out and see it all for yourself. Get it in your ear holes!

Ep 94: Based on a True Story

Guests: Vern Thiessen, Murray Utas & Kristi Hansen and Megan Dart, Beth Dart & Cliff Kelly
With: Chris W. Cook & #theatremari
Hosted by Taylor Chadwick
Contains some coarse language
Creative Commons Music from Josh Woodward

We put all of our guests under a big ass-podcast-umbrella and make them talk Chinook series a brand new spanking arts celebration happening in the dead of winter in Edmonton. Meet the three heads of the series and get the scoop on a highlight of the festival, Ursa Major, a new play from our pals at Catch the Keys Productions. The best way to find out what this episode is about is to listen; so stop reading this and throw this ep into your ear holes!

Ep 80: Forceful Fringe Promo 2015 Pt.5

Guests: 1 – Sarah Vickruck, John Huston, Murray Utas, Adriana Jones, Zita Nyarady & Morgan Johnson, Heather Morrow, J.P Fournier, Dyana Sonik-Henderson, Tara Travis
With Colton Taylor Thomas
Hosted by Taylor Chadwick

The first of FOUR more Forecful Fringe Promos recorded (kinda) live on site at the Edmonton International Fringe Theatre Festival in the Community Patio. These interviews were recorded on Saturday August 15. In this ep we get the details on 8 fringe shows including: The Seminar: Breakthrough, Shylock, An Anonymous Contributor, Susannah Bird, It Started With an Allergy, The Fourth Wall, Seven and Searching for Dick. Get to know some of the amazing artists as part of the festival by putting this ep in your hearing holes!

Ep 66: Hops & Bops

Guests: Murray Utas, Krista Posyniak, Kate Stashko, Amber Borotsik, Julie Ferguson, Fawnda Mithrush & Paul Blinov
With: Chris W. Cook

Get down with the What It Is crew as they chat up the movers and shakers as part of Expanse Festival 2015. Sure, the festival only runs one weekend but the great conversations featured in this ep will last FOREVER! Get the scoop on how Expanse started, hear about the big issues facing dancers, how performing in public is crazy fun and get a head start on the latest dance crazes. Plus, we lay out some of the art happenings in Edmonton for March 2015.

Ep 52.5: Forceful Fringe Promo 2014 Pt.5

Guests: Murray Utas,  Ali Yusuf, Shawn Bedard, Gerard Harris, Daniel Wishes, Seri Yanai, Artem Yatsunov, Antonia Lassar, John Evans, Kat Evans, Nancy Kenny, Hiroshi Koshiyama
With: Colton Taylor Thomas

Part 2 of 2 of Part 5, does that make sense? Even more Fringe promos recorded LIVE in the Fringed & Confused Wine Tent. We get the scoop on the festival with festival director, Murray Utas and get the low down on shows like Improv City, VDADHD, Devil’s Circus, Pair of Animals Wants to Marry You, Famished: A Victorian Zombie Musical and Godzilla vs. Led Zeppelin.