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Ep 64: The Spoosh

Guests: Nick Di Gaetano, Viktor Lukawski, Pityu Kenderes & Paul Bezaire of The Old Trout Puppet Workshop
With: Chris W. Cook

Things get crazy when Taylor sits down for a late-night chat with The Old Trout Puppet Workshop’s performers representing Famous Puppet Death Scenes. The team discusses puppetry, death, apartment living and tour life. Taylor works as hard as he can to keep the podcast from spinning off the rails – was he successful? You decide! Also available on iTunes.

Ep 52: Forceful Fringe Promo 2014 Pt.4

Guests: Peter Aguero, Talie Melnyk, Emily Pearlman, Nick Di Gaetano, Josh Languedoc, Helen Knight, Heather Falk, Candy Simmons, Lucia Rich, Claire Patton, Robin Toller, Sarah Illiatovich-Goldman
With Colton Taylor Thomas

Part one of two parts LIVE from the Edmonton International Fringe Theatre Festival’s Wine Tent. We chat up a plethora of artists covering shows like Daddy Issues, Maison des Reves, Revised: From the Belly of a Whale, Case Study, FUGLY, Expiration Date, The Awkward Art of Flying, and Hospital. All shows can be seen at Fringed & Confused 2014!