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Ep 130: Forceful Fringe Promo 2017 Pt 1

Guests: Allie Pedden & Brooklyn Rowe, Holly Von Sinn, Arabella Alure, Nona & Squee (Neelam Chattoo & Amy Chow), Adam Bailey, Robyn Slack & Joshua Lee Coss, Joel Taras & Owen Bishop, Liam Creswick & James Ross, Madge (Dave Rae), Nathan Eveneshen, Paul Blinov & Marguerite Lawler, Caitlyn Goruck, Sue Goberdahn & Michael Vetsch & Chris Weymouth, Brayden Scobie & Tessa Simpson
Hosted by Taylor Chadwick
With Colton Taylor Thomas
Sound Engineer: Brian Bergum

The Edmonton International Fringe Theatre Festival is back and we were back in the Fringe Beer Tent talking to the artists of the festival. Meet artists from Edmonton, Canada and beyond in part one of three of our Forceful Fringe Promos. What It Is provides the artists with the chance to discuss their work in a casual manor before making them share their elevator pitch with Colton Taylor Thomas for the coveted CTT Stamp of Approval (trademark). Don’t waste any time – you’ve only got a few more days and 220 different plays to check out. Get this ep in your ear holes and get to the Edmonton Fringe!

Ep 113: Forceful Fringe Promo 2016 Pt 7 – LIVE! From the Beer Tent Pt. 4

Guests: Maria Colonescu, Paul Blinov, Melissa Murray, Chris Pereira & Eric Smith, Rico Espinoza & Morgan Galavan, Phillip Geller & Emily Howard, Mark Kendall, Rachel Kent & Mhairi Munroe, Lyle McInsh, Kent Wong & Bonita Akai, Savanna Harvey, Jeff Leard, Christopher Schulz
With Colton Taylor Thomas
Hosted by Taylor Chadwick
Contains coarse language

It’s the FINAL Forceful Fringe Promo of 2016. Our voices are tired and CTT has been missing some serious Pokemon on the grounds but it’t been totally worth it! The quest to interview AS MANY ARTISTS AS POSSIBLE continues as we share the final interviews from the Fringe Beer Tent. Thanks to everyone who came out and to everyone who listened to these jam-packed episodes. Get it in your ear holes as you wander down to the Fringe grounds for some theatre!

Ep 91: Beautiful Mush

Guests: Colin Maclean, Liz Nicholls & Paul Blinov
With: Lindsey Walker
Hosted by Taylor Chadwick
Creative Commons Music from Josh Woodward

We review the reviewers of Edmonton’s theatre scene! Taylor is joined by Colin, Liz & Paul to discuss why they got into their profession, covering the arts in Edmonton, why “bad” reviews are hard to write and Taylor takes them through a round of “Did I Say That?”. Plus, awesome-person Lindsey Walker fills in on this week’s Arts News. Need to block out the haters? Toss this ep in your ear holes for a fascinating and fun discussion about Edmonton’s arts reporters.

Ep 66: Hops & Bops

Guests: Murray Utas, Krista Posyniak, Kate Stashko, Amber Borotsik, Julie Ferguson, Fawnda Mithrush & Paul Blinov
With: Chris W. Cook

Get down with the What It Is crew as they chat up the movers and shakers as part of Expanse Festival 2015. Sure, the festival only runs one weekend but the great conversations featured in this ep will last FOREVER! Get the scoop on how Expanse started, hear about the big issues facing dancers, how performing in public is crazy fun and get a head start on the latest dance crazes. Plus, we lay out some of the art happenings in Edmonton for March 2015.