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Ep 78: Forceful Fringe Promo 2015 Pt.3

Guests: Vince Forcier, Jake Hastey, Philip Geller & Amber Bissonnette
With Colton Taylor Thomas
Hosted by Taylor Chadwick

More Fringe shows to forcefully promote! Third time is the charm (but really, when are we not charming?) as we discuss Head à Tête & The Duettes in Concert, Who Am I? unauthorized stories from the Varscona Parkade, Pinniped & Other Poems and Assassins. CTT cant help himself from giving the CTT Stamp of Approval because the guests are so good at talking about their shows PLUS we discuss review etiquette in a rousing round of The Good, The Bad and The Ugly Advice. Put this ep in them heary holes and lets fringe!

Ep 76: Forceful Fringe Promo 2015 Pt.1

Guests: Carlye Windsor, Kory Mathewson, Evan Hall & Willie Banfield
With: Colton Taylor Thomas
Hosted by Taylor Chadwick

The first of our forceful fringe promos for 2015 is here! In this ep we meet 4 fringe artists with a variety of stories to tell. Evan Hall talks being on the run in 1930. Carlye Windsor pulls at your heartstrings and makes you think. Kory Mathewson loves film noir and giving “Taylor” a hard time. Willie Banfield brings the saga of Jim McCrackin to a close. Our fave bro CTT swings by to ride the levels and we talk “honestly” critiquing your friend’s show. So much and more to get in your ear holes!

Ep 68: Long Form Interview

Guests: Matthew Schuurman, Gabriel Richardson, Joel Crichton & Christine DeWitt
With: Wesley Topplecatch

It’s a long-form interview with our long-form improv guests! Taylor and a special guest host chat up Matthew Schuurman, Gabe Richardson, Christine DeWitt and Joel Crichton of Rapid Fire Theatre. The crew talks about the Bonfire Festival, their opinions on improv and Matt’s upcoming takeover as artistic director. The Bonfire Festival is on at the Citadel in the Zeidler Hall from April 7-11, 2015.