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Ep 113: Forceful Fringe Promo 2016 Pt 7 – LIVE! From the Beer Tent Pt. 4

Guests: Maria Colonescu, Paul Blinov, Melissa Murray, Chris Pereira & Eric Smith, Rico Espinoza & Morgan Galavan, Phillip Geller & Emily Howard, Mark Kendall, Rachel Kent & Mhairi Munroe, Lyle McInsh, Kent Wong & Bonita Akai, Savanna Harvey, Jeff Leard, Christopher Schulz
With Colton Taylor Thomas
Hosted by Taylor Chadwick
Contains coarse language

It’s the FINAL Forceful Fringe Promo of 2016. Our voices are tired and CTT has been missing some serious Pokemon on the grounds but it’t been totally worth it! The quest to interview AS MANY ARTISTS AS POSSIBLE continues as we share the final interviews from the Fringe Beer Tent. Thanks to everyone who came out and to everyone who listened to these jam-packed episodes. Get it in your ear holes as you wander down to the Fringe grounds for some theatre!

Ep 108: Forceful Fringe Promo 2016 Pt. 2

Guests: David Walker, Dave Horak, Rebecca Ann Merkley & Clarice Eckford
With: Colton Taylor Thomas
Hosted by Taylor Chadwick
Contains Coarse Language

CORRECTION: The name of the writer of 70 Scenes of Halloween is “Jeffery M. Jones”

The Edmonton International Fringe Theatre Festival has begun and we are continuing to bring you more interviews with the amazing artists of the fest! In Part 2 of our series we meet the minds behind One of Us Must Know, 70 Scenes of Halloween, The Unsyncables and The Colleen Bawn. Plus, Colton Taylor Thomas arrives to provide us with his new “stamp of approval” process. Toss this ep in your ear holes and get down to Old Strathcona with this ep in your ear holes! Happy Frange!

Ep 52.5: Forceful Fringe Promo 2014 Pt.5

Guests: Murray Utas,  Ali Yusuf, Shawn Bedard, Gerard Harris, Daniel Wishes, Seri Yanai, Artem Yatsunov, Antonia Lassar, John Evans, Kat Evans, Nancy Kenny, Hiroshi Koshiyama
With: Colton Taylor Thomas

Part 2 of 2 of Part 5, does that make sense? Even more Fringe promos recorded LIVE in the Fringed & Confused Wine Tent. We get the scoop on the festival with festival director, Murray Utas and get the low down on shows like Improv City, VDADHD, Devil’s Circus, Pair of Animals Wants to Marry You, Famished: A Victorian Zombie Musical and Godzilla vs. Led Zeppelin.

Ep 52: Forceful Fringe Promo 2014 Pt.4

Guests: Peter Aguero, Talie Melnyk, Emily Pearlman, Nick Di Gaetano, Josh Languedoc, Helen Knight, Heather Falk, Candy Simmons, Lucia Rich, Claire Patton, Robin Toller, Sarah Illiatovich-Goldman
With Colton Taylor Thomas

Part one of two parts LIVE from the Edmonton International Fringe Theatre Festival’s Wine Tent. We chat up a plethora of artists covering shows like Daddy Issues, Maison des Reves, Revised: From the Belly of a Whale, Case Study, FUGLY, Expiration Date, The Awkward Art of Flying, and Hospital. All shows can be seen at Fringed & Confused 2014!