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Ep 90: Facebook Grape City

Guests: Jordan Ward & Dallas Friesen and Braydon Dowler-Coltman, Vince Forcier, Richelle Thoreson & Dave Horak
With: Chris W. Cook
Hosted by Taylor Chadwick
Creative Commons Music by Josh Woodward

An episode filled with guests and word slips. This week meet the improv dudes from POWERCUB and the cast/crew behind Edmonton Actors Theatre’s new show Burning Bluebeard. Hear about the What It Is guys’ improv heroes, a discussion about theatre fires and finding the light in the darkness through theatrical performance. Plus, Chris struggles to fill the shoes of #theatremari. It’s winter in Edmonton – perfect time to toss our new ep in your ear holes while hiding in your home.

Ep 78: Forceful Fringe Promo 2015 Pt.3

Guests: Vince Forcier, Jake Hastey, Philip Geller & Amber Bissonnette
With Colton Taylor Thomas
Hosted by Taylor Chadwick

More Fringe shows to forcefully promote! Third time is the charm (but really, when are we not charming?) as we discuss Head à Tête & The Duettes in Concert, Who Am I? unauthorized stories from the Varscona Parkade, Pinniped & Other Poems and Assassins. CTT cant help himself from giving the CTT Stamp of Approval because the guests are so good at talking about their shows PLUS we discuss review etiquette in a rousing round of The Good, The Bad and The Ugly Advice. Put this ep in them heary holes and lets fringe!