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Ep 123: What Is A Podcast?

Guests: Andrea Beça, German Villegas & Adam Rozenhart
Hosted by Taylor Chadwick
Creative Commons Music by Josh Woodward
Contains some coarse language

Time to talk podcasts on a podcast! In this episode Taylor is joined by Edmontonian podcasters Andrea Beça, German Villegas and Adam Rozenhart to discuss their own kick-ass shows as well as the crazy world of online media. We hear about podcasts that are significantly more focused than this one by getting the scoop on The Expats, That’s So Maven and Modern Manhood Podcast. Plus, Taylor puts the three online broadcasters to the test by making them fill in on the Arts News and the crew discusses embarrassing moments in The Good, The Bad and The Ugly Advice. Lots of laughter, insight and bragging (mainly from Taylor) in this ep so get it in dem ear holes!

Ep 114: Available on Cassette Tape

Guests: Jesse Northey & Julie Kiraly
With #theatremari
Hosted by Taylor Chadwick
Contains some coarse language
Featuring music from Jesse and the Dandelions
Creative Commons License Music by Josh Woodward

We are so back in the saddle post-Fringe and it’s not-even funny. Actually, this ep is pretty funny! We chat with music-man Jesse Northey and clown/dance-woman Julie Kiraly about Jesse’s band and Julie’s work as a producer of the all-new Edmonton Clown festival. Also covered are topics like the artist’s lifestyle, what authenticity in art means and having house guests that stay way too long. Taylor also says that this ep is the start of our 4th Season but it’s NOT! It’s the start of our 5TH SEASON! Holy crap. We’ve been doing this podcast thing a while so get it in your ear holes and see if we know what we are doing!

Ep 51: Forceful Fringe Promo 2014 Pt.3

Guests: Robyn Slack, Penny Ashton, Kristen Finlay, Sam Mullins
With Colton Taylor Thomas

Three times the charm with a bunch of charm Fringe artists! Our third Forceful fringe Promo features Robyn Slack of Success 5000, Penny Ashton traveling from New Zealand, local blogger/director/writer/mother Kristen Finlay and storyteller extraordinaire Sam Mullins. We discuss our work and give some great tips on how to promote your fringe show. Colton Taylor Thomas decides on who gets the “bro stamp of approval”.